Globe Telecom is connecting the unconnected across the Philippines using Curvalux Fixed Wireless Access Technology and the WBA recognized and celebrated this achievement.


Mobile operator Globe Telecom tapped on Curvalux to bring high-speed internet connectivity to low-income households across remote parts of the Philippines. The challenge was to connect a myriad of islands at affordable tariffs for the user.

Disruptive Curvalux Fixed Wireless Access solutions provided more capacity, enabled higher data rates at longer range, reduced power consumption and interoperable equipment at low cost.

The patented multibeam phased array technology required thirty times less power than traditional telecoms infrastructure and can run solely on solar power. Curvalux sustainable systems allow operators like Globe to both reduce the cost of their service and to deploy sustainable broadband services in locations where electricity is unreliable or non-existent.

Winners of the 2021 WBA Industry Awards: