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Energy-efficient wireless broadband

Sustainable for a better, connected planet.

It’s hard to imagine our lives without wireless mobile devices. But at what cost? What’s rarely addressed is the extreme burden cell towers place on the electrical grid to keep them operational and its impact on our planet.

According to J. Gold Associates, a 40% reduction in power usage for each cell tower can save enough electricity to power nearly 800,000 households. Imagine, sustainably reusing this electricity to power many thousands of  households while massively reducing emissions and greenhouse gases created from excessive cell tower energy requirements.

With this in mind, Curvalux has been singularly dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the mobile industry by engineering innovative climate-friendly technologies that lower energy consumption for our clients.

Our solar innovations reduce environmental impact of our digital lives.

A major component of reducing carbon emissions is to optimize energy consumption through solar-efficient fixed wireless access technologies.

As more of the planet get connected to power-hungry 5G networks, our mission becomes even more critical to counteract the additional CO2 that will be released into the atmosphere each year from new internet-connected users.


Metric tons of global Co2 emissions produced by ITC sector in 2021


The worldwide mobile industry spews 220 metric tons of CO2e per year alone

As 5G networks proliferate, CO2 output is expected to increase dramatically


By 2030, electricity for China's 5G networks will emit 440 million tons of CO2e annually


India's telecom industry burns 6 billion liters of diesel annually to power rural cell towers


Adding India and Africa, we estimate over 1 billion tons of telecom-CO2e emitted by 2030


Curvalux's solar technology can help cell towers reduce energy needs up to 90%


Tower installments shows Curvalux's FWA technology consuming as low as 150 watts


Curvalux technologies are 10th of the cost, delivering 10x speed at 10x longer range

Our planet needs more energy efficiency

Half the planet lacks reliable internet access.

Power generation and high energy costs are the largest inhibitors of mobile penetration into regions where electricity may not be available.


billions are without broadband access


of us are neglected and unconnected

Our goal is to address connectivity barriers while reducing the planet's carbon footprint.

Electrical Access

Curvalux products are sustainably powered by solar energy

Infrastructure Challenges

We can deliver gigabyte speeds across vast distances


Curvalux's high radio and user capacities helps reduce costs

Unreliable Technology

Our revolutionary antenna improves performance and efficiency

Our products sustainably power the internet lives of people across the planet.

Tom Choi, Chairman

Too many people are on the wrong side of the digital divide. I want Curvalux products to be a part of the solution that brings affordable internet to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Richard Pak, CEO

I believe Curvalux’s technology can have a transformational impact on the lives of potentially billions of people in unconnected and neglected communities without reliable broadband internet today.

Sustainable internet for all.

Until we extend broadband access to all, there are billions of people who cannot work, get access to healthcare, cannot study online and are virtually cut off from the rest of the “connected” world that has access to crucial information every minute of the day.

Curvalux eco-friendly technologies are making an impact.

We have innovated various technologies that help ISPs (internet service providers) and MNOs (mobile network operators) extend their serviceable footprint well beyond what they currently can achieve. Our products achieve this at a lower cost using less energy with minimal investment to current infrastructure.

Our efforts contribute to providing affordable access to communities without broadband internet. Let’s help you connect more people, households and business to your company.

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Energy efficient fixed wireless access products for business.

Sustainable, solar-powered broadband products to connect you to more customers.