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The Curvalux

2.5 CPE Wifi 6E

Curvalux 2.5 CPE is a Wi-Fi 6E Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) designed for applications such as Fixed Wireless Access or Backhaul, boasting robust support for the 6GHz spectrum.

  • Flawlessly operates on dynamic 6GHz frequency bands

  • Power consumption as low as 26 watts

  • Sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective

  • Sleek, compact design

2.5 CPE Wifi 6E highlights

Get more details on the dynamic Curvalux 2.5 CPE Wifi 6E

Discover how our 2.5 CPE Wifi 6E helps MNOs, ISPs and WISPs win more customers. Submit your information to access this datasheet now.

Datasheet: 2.5 CPE Wifi 6E

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