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The Curvalux

3.0 MaxCPE

The Curvalux 3 MaxCPE is a long range, high capacity mmWave remote terminal. It can be used to connect to the PtmP Curvalux 3 Tiny Edge, or paired with the Curvalux 3 MaxEdge to operate as a small-footprint Outdoor Point-to-Point wireless backhaul delivering up to 1Gbps at 10km. Ideal for both urban and rural deployments.

  • Optimal frequency utilization over 5G mmWave and LMDS 27.5 to 31.3GHz frequency bands
  • High spectral efficiency, long range
  • Immune to multi-path and urban effects

3.0 MaxCPE highlights

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Datasheet: 3.0 MaxCPE

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