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How does the Curvalux Antenna Stystem delivers multigigabyte connectivity?

At the UK WISPA Conference, Dr Junaid Syed explains how the revolutionary design of the Curvalux Multibeam Phased Array Antenna reduces interference increasing the C/I ratio and allowing the use of higher modulation.

Curvalux Antenna delivers multigigabyte connectivity providing a higher system gain and an increased availability of the capacity resulting in larger number of users, higher throughput and range for the end user and ultimately higher revenue for the operators.

Watch the video here:

Kent Scholla

Author Kent Scholla

Kent has been Curvalux's Chief Marketing Officer since early 2022. He's led marketing and sales teams for high-growth consumer and B2B tech companies, and founded two start-ups. He has a passion for mission driven initiatives in the ed-tech, food commerce and broadband sectors.

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